Industrial Dust Collectors

dust collectorsDust Collectors – Dust is a problem in any working environment. At AIRFILT we try to offer you a very cost effective solution to any typical home dust control problem. The dust can be effectively controlled through various methods depending upon the size of dust particles, its density, dust load in air and various other factors.

Understanding of Industrial Dust Collectors System:

Dust collector is a system installed to improve the quality of air released out of industrial and commercial processes by separating the dust particles and other impurities from air. These are typically designed to handle high-volume dust loads though it may var as per the requirement, a dust collector system consists of a blower, dust filter, a filter-cleaning system, and a dust receptacle or dust removal system. These systems are widely used in various application specially for dust collection so as to maintain the freshness of the environment. Dust collectors are also available as portable dust collectors or portable dust collection systems.

 Types of Industrial Dust Collectors :

  • Inertial separators

  1. Settling Electrostatic Dust Collector chambers
  2. Baffle Dust Collector chambers
  3. Centrifugal Dust Collector collectors
  • Fabric filters /Baghouses Dust Collector Systems

  1. Mechanical Shaker Baghouses
  2. Reverse Air Baghouses
  3. Pulse Jet (Reversed Jet) Baghouses
  • Wet scrubbers Dust Collector

  1. Low-energy scrubbers (0.5 to 2.5 inches water gauge – 124.4 to 621.9 Pa)
  2. Low- to medium-energy scrubbers (2.5 to 6 inches water gauge – 0.622 to 1.493 kPa)
  3. Medium- to high-energy scrubbers (6 to 15 inches water gauge – 1.493 to 3.731 kPa)
  4. High-energy scrubbers (greater than 15 inches water gauge – greater than 3.731 kPa)
  • Electrostatic precipitators Dust Collection Systems

  1. Plate precipitators Dust Collection Systems
  2. Tubular precipitators Dust Collection System
  • Unit collectors

Understanding of Pulse Jet Filter Unit

 Pulse Jet Filter Unit

The pulse jet filter unit is an effective and widely proven system. Its high dust collection efficiency at low cost is the basis for its wide application.




The pulse jet bag filter consist of a bag house comprising of filter bags with the supporting cages, venturies, hopper for the collection of dust, header, air distribution pipes, pulse valves and centrifugal fan.

The filter module is designed around the sealed frame. This is a formed plate containing a series of parallel slots into which a set number of filter cartridges are inserted.

Working Principle of dust collector systems

The dust laden air enters the pulse jet filter at the dirty air plenum where it expands and air velocity drops. This results in optimum air and dust distribution. Heavyparticles are collected in the hopper of the dirty air plenum. The dust laden air then passes through the filter media, depositing the fine dust on the outside of the bags. Each bag is regularly cleaned by a reversed jet of compressed air. The timer activates the valves at pre determined intervals on a continous cycle. A short burst of compressed air is released and injected by the jet tube into the filter pad. This causes a brief controlled inflation of the pad to dislodge the accumulated dust cake into the collection facility.


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